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Fuel injection tuning module

A true MAP-based fuel injection tuning module for Suzuki motorcycles. Improves engine performance and torque, smoothens power delivery and throttle response throughout the REV-range.

Superb compatibility
One module fits most Suzuki EFI motorcycles from 1997 to 2014.

Highly advanced tech
Total control over the FI system. 3 independent, user-selectable maps, easy fuel management.

Smallest in the world
It is the smallest, most compact FI tuning module on the market.


True MAP-based Fuel Injection tuning module, designed specifically for Suzuki motorcycles. This unique product communicates directly with the factory ECU/ECM (bike computer) to get the fueling right, no matter what exhaust and air filter you use.

After successful setup the module improves throttle response and power in all throttle positions for the entire RPM range. Resulting in smooth and precise power delivery. Your bike’s engine becomes more flexible thanks to the torque gain in the lower rev region so you can even cruise in a gear higher than usual, which also improves fuel economy. Get the new bike feeling back with this easy mod!


Amazing compatibility!
One module fits most Suzuki EFI motorcycles (from 1997 to 2014). Transferable to a new bike within minutes.

Highly Advanced Technology
Mappable at 11 throttle positions in 500 RPM increments across the full RPM range. Controls both primary and secondary fuel injector lines (8 injectors total). Total control over the FI system – addition or subtraction of fuel is a breeze. 3 independent, user-selectable maps (MAP1, MAP2, Zero MAP).

Plug ‘n Play, hassle free set-up!
Quick and simple to install. Connects to the ECM expansion port under the seat. No need to remove the fuel tank or any fairing. Auto cell select, immediate AFR response to cell change. Simple interface, no confusing options to select. Native USB support. No need to install drivers and no need to use a UART bridge. The software runs on any version of Microsoft Windows.

Size DOES Matter!
It is the smallest, most compact FI tuning module on the market, fits under the rider’s seat.

You are in safe hands
Automatic software and fail-safe firmware update. 30-day money back guarantee and 2 years replacement warranty.

Crush the competition
Best value (price/performance) for the money among the current FI modules on the market. Fully compatible with all HealTech and other aftermarket products.