Echo PB-770 BLOWER

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The PB-770 is ECHO’s is the second most powerful backpack blower.
It features a 63.3cc two-stroke engine and comes with a spring-mounted vibration isolation system and ergonomic backpack frame for enhanced operator comfort.
X-Series means ECHO's best-in-class products. More power, lighter weight and performance that will noticeably increase your productivity. Designed for professionals who demand the best and highest quality tools.
X-Series engines make this line-up exceptional. They offer a revolutionary combination to get jobs done faster with less fatigue. -63.3cc Engine displacement
11.0kg Dry weight
3.05kW Output
2.0 litres Fuel tank capacity
1.87L/h Fuel consumption at max engine power
Start assist system
1290m3/h Air volume
104.6m/sec Maximum airspeed
Round bent, Round straight Standardised nozzle type