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ECHO’s HC-2320 is an extra-long, double blade hedge cutter with a low emission 21.2cc professional-grade engine. It features longer, heavy-duty blades for long-lasting sharpness when tackling taller, larger hedges, and has an effective cutter length of 639mm.
The HC-2320’s air filter has easy, tool-free access, while the large vertical filler neck enables easier re-fuelling. Exhaust emissions are reduced with this 21.2cc engine. The double reciprocating blades provide a cleaner cut and the blades are self-sharpening because of the action of the teeth. - 21.2cc Engine displacement
0.6kW Output
0.39 litres Fuel tank capacity
Start assist system
Double Cutter type
639mm/25" Cutting length
35mm Cutter pitch
Adjustable Cutter clearance
4.6kg Weight (Dry)