Spidi Evo Rider Leather Jacket-Yell Flo/Black

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Evo Rider Leather introduces solutions developed during the Grand Prix to the road use, skillfully combining sports performance to fit and the daily use.
Arrangement for holding CE (Lev. 2) back protector.
Arrangement for back protector CE Lev.1 Z54.
Arrangement for back protector CE Lev. 2 Z167.
Arrangement for back protector CE Lel. 2 Z147.
Warrior shields on shoulders.
Force-Tech removable protectors CE certified EN 1621-1:2012 S – E – H – K. 50% waterproof garment.
Arrangement for optional thermo lining L30 man.
Arrangement for optional H2Out lining X47 man.
Average weight 2.5 Kg.
Pants clip to join jacket/trousers.
Zip fastener to join jacket/trousers.
Step in Clothing: layered clothing system optional.
Adjustable waist fastening.
High tenacity elastic flex tenax Nylon 6.6, extreme abrasion resistance.
Cowhide, 1.1/1.3 mm thick, high safety performance